9 comments on “My response to Peter Dunne’s speech at the 58th Session UN Comm. on Narcotic Drugs, Vienna, Austria

  1. Its underwhelming because we have to get on the trial for it and then thats a long wait. I wish people like Peter Dunne would shut their mouths if they have no bloody idea of what they are talking about just let children like my son have the dam drug if its works there are your results. You wont get results without more poeple on it. And make it affordable. Sad to say but cancer is not the only killer out there. I have had my son on so many meds its not funny and he has had brain surgery. Peter Dunne how about you have my son for a weekend and walk in my shoes!!!!!!!!!

    • ” You wont get results without more poeple on it.”

      Totally agree with you here, Celeste.

      ” And make it affordable. ”

      Totally agree with you here too.

      “Peter Dunne how about you have my son for a weekend and walk in my shoes!!!!!!!!!”

      Nothing like seeing the difference this medicine makes in reality to decide to make it the personal choice of the individual or guardian/caregiver.

      Thank you for your comment, Celeste. Very sorry indeed to hear of your son’s difficulties with his health and treatment. Let us hope for change soon. Perhaps a visit or letter to your MP explaining your situation and experience might be a first step?

  2. Reblogged this on Your NZ and commented:
    From another Medicinal Cannabis Campaigner, and Legal Advisor to Green Cross. The Canadian patient referred to is the one and the same from my “Canadian story” blog post a while back, who has now successfully gained access to Sativex, and fighting ACC to fund it, who will do anything to dodge stumping up for such an expensive medicine, and which would set a dangerous (expensive) precedent going forward….

  3. Good to see your efforts to reform the law.. I’m wondering whether the only way to get a real response from this Govt. is a mass ‘hikoi’ on parliament ?

    • It would be a great media event visually also to see all the many sick people and children outside parliament in their wheelchairs and so forth. If it were possible to make this event happen I would certainly be in support.

      • Sounds like we need a ‘uniting of the clans’ to get this happening !

        I have had correspondence with a few MPs & most said it would likely be citizen’s action, not MPs that would see change.. but yes, its needs a big gathering & the media in attendance to get the pubic’s attention.
        Several recent polls show that over 80% of respondents want to see law reform.. especially medicinal cannabis (not just sativex)

  4. Cannabis will not pass a double blind test because you would have to be an intellectual numbskull to not realise your on a placebo. Further it is unethical to pretend your fixing something when you are not. Opps, A logical dilemma for anyone with two or more brain cells. Which goes a long way to explain Dunne’s position.

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