Cannabis, Cannabinoids and the Human Endocannabinoid System

Eating cannabis for its cannabinoids and our good health is like eating an orange for its vitamin C and our good health – both are dietary essentials – only you are an imprisoned criminal in NZ if you take care of your endocannabinoid system and a responsible citizen if you take care of your digestive system.

Logical?! Sensible?! Responsible?! No but it is the drug policy for the two main political parties in NZ.

Informing people about the nutritional and medicinal benefits of cannabis – especially politicians who invite responsibilty for the law and doctors who invite responsibilty for our health – continues to be about as difficult as in the days of Galileo when he tried to persuade the church and the people that the earth moved round the sun and not the other way round.

CLR people in NZ have for years been met with the same stonewalling, opposition and those who use medicinal cannabis are convicted of criminal offences and either fined or put on home detention/imprisoned.

Despite all the evidence-based information and studies that have been done, the medical knowledge and public recognition that cannabis cures cancer as well as benefiting just about every other medical condition – and when you understand that our endocannabinoid system is the human system to fight inflammation and illness, this comes as no surprise since cannabis is the only known plant in the world that can supply humans with cannabinoids – people refuse to listen. Like Galileo and the followers of scientific truth versus religious dogma of the mediaevil ages, here still in NZ, we have Cannabias and the followers of truth versus political dogma and mediaevil thinking.

Only thing is, with cannabis, this stubborn and ignorant refusal by Peter Dunne and his Ministry of “Health” to change the laws to become evidence-based has far greater negative repercussions to the health and usefulness of the citizens of NZ and the laws disrupt families with the criminal convictions and prison sentences, the negative social stigma and so on.

The essentialness of cannabis to our diet, however, is more important to humans and our good health than ever the question of whether or not the earth revolved around the sun.

In effect, therefore, because cannabis is now considered a preventive dietary essential for our endocannabinoid system when we are healthy as well as a medicine for when we are unwell, this means that for 40 years the NZ government have made – and continue to make – criminals of people who are taking cannabinoids from the ONLY plant that produces them! Criminals for looking after our health as a PREVENTIVE measure, let alone as a medicine when we are ill!

This level of thinking is the equivalent of being sent to prison for eating an orange – and many years longer is the sentence if those oranges had been processed in to a vitamin C tablet!

And this, therefore, is the intellectual measure of the people who are governing us and making our laws, judging us in courts and sentencing us to the loss of our human rights – our lost freedoms of choice, liberty and health.  Our government here in NZ, and our criminal justice system will imprison, place us on home detention or community service and steal our money in fines because we are looking after our health! Because we eat or consume a plant that is the only known supplementary source of cannabinoids for our endocannabinoid system; it is the equivalent of being imprisoned for eating an orange for our health and its vitamin C.Image


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