In support of the individual case in Clinical Trials

Re Clinical Trials – According to The Institute of Medicine’s 1999 report on Marijuana as Medicine, if we were able to get enough individuals having their doctors study their individual patients using the GreenCross Application Membership Form and the Application for a Licence to cultivate cannabis, this would be sufficient, when co-ordinated and put all together, to produce results worthy of a clinical trial.

“Patients Out of Time strongly supports clinical trials with cannabis. The Institute of Medicine’s 1999 report on Marijuana as Medicine: Assessing the Science Base (pdf above) noted the safety of cannabis and recommended that physicians be allowed to conduct n of 1 studies (n refers to the sample size, thus it would be a study to evaluate the effects of a drug on one patient). In other words, a physician should be allowed to prescribe cannabis to a patient who is not responding to current treatment to see if cannabis would be effective. All practicing physicians should be able to do such studies that can eventually result in large numbers. At the same time, large well designed clinical trials are strongly recommended for various patient populations.”


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