CO2 Extractor – Equipment


Apeks Benefits
Most Respected Cannabis Extraction
Equipment Manufacturer
Industrial Grade
Automated and Integrated with TRiQsoft
What is Apeks?
Apeks Supercritical extraction machines are the leading equipment for commercial cannabis oil
extraction. The Apeks extractors use supercritical CO2 as a solvent to extract cannabis oils. CO2 is
non-toxic, non-flammable, and a cold solvent allowing for safe handling and ingestion. Cold CO2
minimizes the degradation of delicate cannabinoids unlike other solvents.
Why choose Apeks?
Apeks is well respected fabricator of extraction equipment with a solid track record. The extractors are
industrial grade and safe to use. Apeks prides itself on its redundant safety features which ensures the
highest level of safety in your work environment. In addition to industry leading safety features, Apeks
is the developer of the proprietary valve-less expansion technology (VET) which facilitates optimal
equipment efficiency defining Apeks as the clear leader in this technology. CO2 is a very safe solvent
that produce high yields of quality extracts. Apeks extractors are automated and integrated with
TRiQsoft for remote monitoring, operating, and centralized data capture- streamlining operations.
Learn more at
or call a TRiQ cannabis production expert
to explore these or any other products and services comprising
our whole system solution.
Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Cannabis
Apeks CO2 Extractor

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