Cooking with Cannabis – how much cannabis do I use?

How much cannabis do I use?

One difficulty cooking with cannabis is measuring the potency. The following amounts of cannabis are estimates for each pound of butter.

  • Leaf – 1.5 to 2 ounces
  • Trim – 1 ounce
  • Small or large buds – 0.5 to .75 ounces
  • Kief and hash – 3 to 4 grams


What are the effects?

Eating cannabis is a little different from smoking. The effects last much longer, and the experience can be a lot more intense. After eating, the effects can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to start. So if nothing happens for a while, don’t get too impatient and eat more. We recommend starting with a low dose, and increase it the next time until you are happy with the high.

Follow the Bud Butter / Cannabutter recipe to ensure you have a good experience.

When the effects do kick in you will start to feel very relaxed. If you are stitting in a comfy spot, you may not want to move! Many people refer to the effects as ‘Body Stoned’ because your body will feel very relaxed and heavy.

What should I do if I eat too much? Eating too much weed-infused food can be quite intense for some people. You may feel sick, confused, unable to move or talk, and your coordination may be heavily affected. If you eat too much and you feel the effects are too strong, a high dose of vitamin c (200mg or more) may help reduce the high.


Methods of THC extraction

Bud Butter or Cannabutter is not the only way to cook with THC. In many recipes you can use other extraction methods such as – Cannaoil, Cannamilk, Cannacream, or Cannaflour.

Learn more about making and using other marijuana extraction methods

Most cannabis-related recipes call for the making of a certain quantity of “CannaButter” or “Bud Butter”, which is then used as a replacement for standard butter. To prepare cannabis for eating it has to be heated in some way. It won’t work if the cannabis is eaten without preparation, because the digestive system is unable to digest THC directly. When cooking with cannabis, it is very important to use fat (oil, butter, milk) because THC  is fat soluble and not water soluble. It is therefore impossible to get high from pot tea, for example, without adding some milk. Learn how to make bud butter

Decarboxylating your cannabis

Raw cannabis contains a lot of THCA which is not psychoactive .

When you smoke or vaporize marijuana, the cannabis is “decarbed” (decarboxylated) by the heat and becomes psychoactive.

If you ingest cannabis, and want the full psychoactive effect, you need to first decarb your cannabis before you cook with it. Learn how to decarboxylate your weed


Simple cannabis recipes

Here are some nice and easy  recipes for you to start with:
Be sure to check out our Bud Butter / Cannabutter recipe first.

Stoner French Toast
Special Brownies
Space Cake
Cream of Cannabis Soup
Acapulco Green


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