Cold extraction/dark place extraction

1 pint Vodka
2 ounces Cannabis (shake/leaf)

Pint Mason jar & lid
Small blue/green glass bottle
Small funnel

COLD EXTRACTION—–Put shake/leaf in one pint mason jars, cover with vodka.  Put jar in a paper bag, then place jar in the freezer.  Shake the jar once a day.  After 3-4 days, remove it from the freezer.

DARK PLACE EXTRACTION—–Place shake/leaf in pint jar.  Cover with vodka/brandy.  Close jar tightly and put in a paper bag.  Place the jar in a cool, dark spot (inside a cupboard).  Shake daily for 3-4 weeks.  This tincture can sit up to six months with regular shaking.
Remove from dark place…..
Removing leaf material:  Line a strainer with cheesecloth.  Place strainer over a large bowl.  Pour mixture into the lined strainer.  Twist the cheesecloth to squeeze out all the tincture but leaving the leaf.  Discard the leaf.  Pour the mixture into the dropper bottles.  Store in a cool, dark place.
Dosage:  5-15 drops/dose


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