Vapourising Cannabis

A Vaporizer is a smoking device that produces a low heat, which, when applied to marijuana creates a “vapor” instead of “smoke”. The result is a purity that contains only the desired ingredients, leaving out harmful fumes caused by flame and the combustion of the plant matter.

Vaporizers are the cream of the crop when it comes to smoking your stash. Vapor is much cleaner, therefore easier on your respiratory system, i.e., lungs – and because a vaporizer produces that vapor with much less heat, what you inhale is more concentrated and the taste is much more pleasing.

From my experience, using a vaporizer reduces the amount of medicine you will need to ingest to reach the plateau of relief you so desire.

I highly recommend “vaporizing” as the best way to get where you want to be.

(Photo: Scott3490/Wikimedia Commons)

Devices that offer a smoke-free way to inhale are gaining support from the medical community.

Marijuana users are rapidly shifting from joints and water pipes to devices called vaporizers. These devices work by heating cannabis flowers at a temperature cooler than the point of combustion. The result is a vapor that contains marijuana’s active ingredients but not the harmful toxins typically found in smoke.

“The science is very sound surrounding its efficacy and safety.”

Vaporizers have surged in popularity in recent years, but research on their effects has lagged behind. As a result, some question the safety of vaporizers, pointing to the lack of long-term studies as a primary concern.

Others, though, argue that the benefits are clear.

“I don’t think there’s any controversy,” says Ian Mitchell, MD, an emergency physician and clinical professor at the University of British Columbia. ”I think the science is very sound surrounding its efficacy and safety.”

Dr. Mitchell believes vaporizers offer a safer alternative for patients who typically smoke cannabis as medicine. However, he notes that more awareness is still needed.

“I think it’s still trending up in that a lot of people aren’t really aware of the health benefits of vaporizing, or at least the harm reduction aspects of it.”

Unlike tobacco, the impact of marijuana on the lungs is modest. Indeed, research shows that smoking marijuana does not harm lung function or increase the risk of lung cancer. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean it’s harmless.

“The problem with the smoke is that it contains a lot of noxious components that are irritating to respiratory tissue and could lead to an inflammatory response in the central airways,” explains Donald Tashkin, MD, a UCLA professor who has studied marijuana’s impact on the lungs for over 20 years.

Irritation caused by marijuana smoke has been linked to minor respiratory conditions such as chronic bronchitis. It is also known to exacerbate symptoms in those with asthma.

But according to Dr. Tashkin, using a vaporizer could help avoid those issues.

“If you vaporized it, you would eliminate all the other ingredients in the smoke that are similar to components in tobacco smoke,” he explains.


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